Let’s brew some mighty potions!

Impressions of the first illustrations for a new card game

Witchita Tales is an idea of mine, where 2-4 players are competing as the best potion-brewers in the country. Every player resembles a witch or a witcher and draws cards from four possible different stacks in the middle of the table. 

Everyone draws one after another one card until he has four cards. Every card can be put left or right to the card the player has already drawn. Every card has a colour and on the left or right side a preferred colour it want’s to be put aside. Choosing your cards wisely and putting them in the right order gives the player a lot of extra points. When the card stacks are empty, the game ends and the player with the most points wins the game.


It’s just the beginning!

I’m showcasing this game in an really early state. Part of the reason is, to get ideas out of my system as early as possible, to share it, to get critique and ideas from other people.

The other reason is that for me as an illustrator and graphic designer, it’s important to show the current state of my artworks.

If you’re interested in getting illustrations for your own game idea or have a single commission feel free to contact me via info@maxgotthold.de