Welcome to the World of Ronin!

Prepare for battle, my friend!

Slip in to the role of a Ronin, a deserted Samurai, who’s offering his knowledge and wisdom to the highest bidder. You’re lord commands you to put an army together and defeat the enemy.

To gather mercenaries and also and above all to get them to battle for you, you have to spend the precious gold of your lord. Three clans are offering their splendid services as warriors:

  • The Moth ClanThey can jump over the enemies heads and attack from behind
  • The Stag Beetle ClanWith their relentless grip, they are able to pull enemies into their backline
  • The Fire Bug ClanThey are able to get behind enemy lines with their distractive move patterns

Now gather your men and destroy your enemy!


The Game

Here’s the first overview over the game for you. The goal was to ensure a fast and easy accessible gaming experience by reducing everything down to the most necessary while offering clever game mechanics which are self-explanatory.

‘Ronin’ is still in development but I wanted to give you first impression of my work, escpecially the illustrations.