Heading for new shores

A graphic novel with a lite-RPG rule system

Two years ago I had the idea of little short story about a few lost souls, who had to go through troublesome times. Planet earth reacts to the problem the humans cause and started to raise the sea level. Everything went to chaos and only a few people made it through the first years. 

You and your group are a few of these people. You managed to repair an old ship and you’re shipping now from coast to coast in search of long lost friends and new ones.

But the new world is not just grim and dark. A new peace arose and the wilderness started to reclaim the surface of the earth. In this setting you and your friends are welcome to tell your own story, with a few simple rules I invented and a little booklet of tableaus and illustrations, to help you navigating through the game and to get a feel of it.


The Developement Process

‘New Shores’ is going to be a grphic novel which can be played with simple set of rules as tabletop rpg. The first few pages of the novel are finished and I’m excited to share new work with you soon!  


What to play/read in the meantime?

If you’re interested in my other illustrations or ideas please check out my portfolio or head over to my blog and have a read and some insights on my personal workflow.