Let’s talk about your vision and how to get it done!

Before we get started…

a few things you should think through before reaching out for a designer/illustrator. A lot of requests I’m getting are about getting to know the usual fees of illustrators or price lists. For most of us, it’s quiet hard to give you an exact number to count on, because there’re a few important factors to consider:

1. What is your overall goal for your product? Are you really at the point to buy art for your game?

Art and graphical assistance should be the last thing you have to worry about. Make an awesome product you can trust 100%. There’s nothing more frustrating then pouring out money for illustrations you’re eventually not using because of mis-managing your time schedule, loosing interest in your game idea or something similar. And for the illustrator it’s also heart-breaking to see your child of hard labour not getting released.

2. Have you considered every single asset you need for your product? 

In the process of talking through your projects and requests, I’ve discovered that often times you’re aware of what you need for your core game experience, like the art for your cards, icons for your dices or an artwork for your box.

A little bit unattractive to pay for but often even more important is the stuff that comes along with producing a complete game like: print-ready layouts for the rulebook, the artwork for the whole box, a vectorized logo for your game, all graphical assets for your kickstarter campaign, social media banners and animations and so on.

Make a list of all assets you need, categorize them by purpose and size and make a detailled explanation.

This makes the whole process of working together not only easier, it also saves you a lot of money! I can discount on similar assets, consider your social media plans while doing the illustrations.

3. You know all of this already and just want a cool illustration? Then read no more and contact me!


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