Welcome to Baltika!

A fantastic-postapocalyptic Roleplaying Game

The project:

Development of a visual language for an upcoming Tabletop RPG called ‘Baltika’. Set in a near post-apocalyptic future, the goal was to give the players a feel for a dangerous world, they’re going to be part of but also that it should not be taken to serious and that the author is aiming for a lot of ridiculous moments.

Because of that I decided to go with a comic-style setting. The colors are strong and vibrant, everything is outlined with thick, dark strokes. The players can see their possible characters in different situations, most of them before engaging a fight.

Besides of the illustrative part I was also comissioned to develop the layout for the player’s handbook. Please scroll down to see a few examples from the book. Note that the current layout is in german language, as it is for a german publisher.

The game is still in development and I was allowed to show the following, so please take in consideration, that these are works in progress. If you’re planning an TTRPG on your own, feel free to get in touch and talk with me!



Finding the right balance between artwork, colors and the amount of text is always a challenge. For this book I tried to keep bold, vivid colors on every page but maintained the readability with clean background, to give it the comic-like feeling and to make it feel light and easily digestible.