Hej, my name is Max and I am offering you one of the best services for art and graphic design for board and card games. All my services are specialized in fullfilling all graphical needs for board and card games and digital games as well.

Feel free to browse the services below and get in touch if you have any questions. You can also check my portfolio to get an impression of recent projects.


You are already curious what your game could look like? Have a glimpse at my latest commission, the kickstarter success ‘Mystic Monkeys’ by Asterisk Game Labs.

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1. Illustrations

I am capable of providing you a broad variety of illustration styles, while keeping a consistent visual language. Everything, from single artworks to complete series of illustrations, can be created by me for purposes like box and rulebook covers, card illustrations, game boards and player mats.

Illustrations are the bread and butter of any game to immerse the player into your game’s theme, to bring it alive and make possible customers curious about your game.

This is the reason, why I understand illustration also as an important way of branding and marketing your game. Tell me about your game and vision and I’m sure, we can work out something great together.


2. Layouts & Graphics

You’re done with playtesting and your rules are written down? You already bought all the art you need from your favourite artist but you’re struggling with the concept and execution of the layout for your cards, the game box and all the other components you want to put them on?

I’ll design and create the layouts that suit your needs and help you formatting your text and make it fit into a professional looking rulebook.

 I make print-ready:

  • Rulebooks
  • Designs for Cards and Boards
  • Box Layouts
  • Tiles and Player Mat Graphics


3. Your Game Company

Your game is finished, the Kickstarter is set up and now it’s time for you to represent yourself! Let me help you with your Corporate Design and all business-related needs. With 8+ years full-time work experience as a graphic designer for clients like IKEA and Zalando, I’m able to give your game company the whole package, including logo, website, business cards and much more! 


4. Kickstarter and Presentation

If you want your Kickstarter to be a success, possible backers have to be convinced by your idea with a quick and appealing overview of how your game works. A consistent design for the overall Kickstarter page is helping too. Well made mockups and well sorted overviews are the best way to get your game out to the people.

Have a look at one already successful example here.


5. Game components

You’re manufacturing single game components or want to offer additional products to your catalogue?

I can help you with the creation of game components, like tokens, counters, dice and more.